More Hobbits, Less Shoes! (thekatester) wrote in thetoysoldier,
More Hobbits, Less Shoes!

More Sean for EVERYONE! YAY!

Okay, so I think we'd all agree that Sean really deserves more attention than he gets. what with the lack of Sam merchandise and the lack of Sean love....
Some of you, like me, might be members of bean_daily, viggo_daily, elijah_daily, lotrboys_daily, etc... and you might agree that we need a daily picture community for Sean. So I looked for a code, got down on my knees and begged for a week or two, and came up with a result: the astin_daily community! YAY!!!!!
...ahem. So, more members equals more Sean, so head on over and make LJ more pretty and Sean-filled!

(Crossposted to lots of Sean communities. Sorry about that.)
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